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Thank you for visiting my site. In January 2019, I decided to take a leap and put my visions and manifestations to work. This digital site is just one of the many outputs of that vision, so believe me when I say, I am grateful that you chose to visit. 

You will learn quickly that I am a fierce marketer who thrives off helping people and brands explore new strategies to reach their goals. Simply put, I look for the hardest problems and turn them into opportunities to do something great!

It is my hope that this page serves as a source of inspiration and nudges you in the right direction - getting you one step closer to living life on your own terms.

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Lauren Speaks

Lauren Speaks

I’m excited to partner with you. When I work with a new client, my top priority is to ensure that we are optimizing for your specific goals. Below, I have outlined the most common ways that clients need my support.


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